How to practice speech therapy at home

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Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for effective speech therapy in the comfort of your home:

What is it?

Speech therapy at home works the same as it does in a doctor’s office. Doing sessions at home makes services more accessible and comfortable. It is especially beneficial for children, who may find a therapist’s office intimidating.

Benefits of home speech therapy include:

  • No travel or commute time to the office
  • More flexible hours and freedom to practice more frequently
  • Working in a familiar space, making the service less intimidating

Useful Tips

Here are some ways to make your speech therapy run smoothly:

  • Designate a space to practice speech exercises in front of a mirror or at a desk.
  • Turn off your phone and remove any other distractions to help you concentrate on your sound.
  • Take time before and after sessions to reflect and track your goal progress.
  • Keep a consistent schedule by setting aside the same time frame routinely to exercise.
  • If you are working with a child, help them reflect on their strengths and weaknesses so they can see their improvement. (read more)

Speech therapy exercises that work at home

Some speech therapy exercises that work well are:

  • Straw breathing exercises
  • Blowing exercises (e.g. blowing bubbles)
  • Online quiz games to test comprehension
  • Reading books and practicing comprehension exercises
  • Exercising your voice by singing, talking, public speaking
  • Speech therapy mobile application games (read more about speech therapy apps in our blog post)

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