Conversation Groups

See your speech skills improve by talking to others.

Unsure of how to keep up with your progress after the training sessions? Are you also looking to put your learning into practice with others?

With our Conversation Groups program, you can continue to improve your speech skills by practice expressing your ideas and thoughts clearly, and become more comfortable in having conversations with different individuals.

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Practice with More People


Showcase your communication skills in conversations with others, and get feedback from different perspectives. 

Achieve your individual goals while learning from others’ progress.

Speak Clearly and Confidently

Practice specific areas of speech (ex. pacing, intonation) in a conversational setting, so you can manage the most difficult conversations without getting held back by nervousness.


Become a Conversation Master (literally!)


From small talks to formal presentations, learn to speak effectively in various communication situations.

Develop meaningful relationships with others by improving your social communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The program sessions will be led by our non-SLP staff (at least one of them will be a native English speaker).

However, participants will have the opportunity to practice their communication skills through various scenarios and interactive activities, including worksheets, mock interviews and presentations.

Each scenario is structured to ensure that you can become comfortable with speaking in different situations, while improving other areas of your speech on a technical level (i.e. pacing, intonation, pronunciation).

Try it today.

You're dedicated to becoming a better speaker — make this journey much more effective by meeting others like you!
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