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Speech trainings services and workshops for your employees

Improve your team's ability to communicate with clients and internal stakeholders.

Enable non-native English speakers to be more confident in their communication.

Invest in your team's personal development with existing benefits coverage


You’ve sought out the best people for your team. They have the experience and the expertise, and now they need a way to present their work with fluency and clarity.

Speech training can help eliminate communication difficulties that are a significant barrier to speaking with clients, presenting at meetings, and working with colleagues. Accents, stuttering, lisps, and certain speaking habits can be very distracting for listeners. You want to make sure clients and team members are listening to what your employees are saying, not distracted and being confused by how they’re saying it.

With speech training, your team will gain confidence to fill any position, whether it’s customer-facing or management. Book a consultation today and find out if your employees can benefit from speech therapy.


Improve your team's ability to communicate with clients and internal stakeholders. Do you have team members with noticeable accents or something that can cause communication issues? Perhaps team members or the clients they work with often have trouble understanding each other, resulting in confusion?

Our Speech Language Pathologists are able to help your team improve their communication skills so they can convey their message effectively and efficiently. This includes not only accent modification, but also ways to improve on aspects related to mumbling, stuttering, voice control, articulation, and more.

Our clients are given a free 15 minute consultation to quickly create an assessment and help determine the next course of actions. Following the initial consultation, additional sessions may be booked. As the client completes these sessions they will learn and practice techniques to help them improve their own communication skills. All sessions are done online, so you do not need to worry about inconvenient locations and traveling.


Enable non-native English speakers to be more confident in their communication. With accent modification, your employees can modify their accent in a way that's easier to understand for clients and team members.

Did you know, a difficult to understand accent can impact how people perceive them? Accent modification can make them seem more trustworthy, and help build rapport with clients. It will give them the confidence to be able tackle on more collaborative projects and client-focused tasks.

Accent modification does not erase one's accent completely, nor does it involve eliminating one's cultural identity. Instead, it involves tuning a person's speech sounds, stress patterns, articulation, and more, in order to be more easily understood to native English speakers. Rest assured that if your company finds its talent from around the world, accent modification does not mean a loss of your company's rich diversity.

Through building stronger communication skills, your team will gain the necessary confidence to better present their work with fluency and clarity, while worrying less about whether or not others understand them.


Invest in your team's personal development with existing benefits coverage. Did you know that speech therapy is covered by most insurance plans? This service is provided by registered Speech Language Pathologists, who are categorized as paramedical/allied health professionals.

Most insurance plans tend to cover common health benefits such as visits to a therapist or chiropractor, aiding in improving your employee's productivity. Many are unaware that speech language pathology is part of the same umbrella of services covered by insurance. As such, sessions with a Speech Language Pathologist can be covered and can prove to be a boon to your employee's productivity and professional development.

Speech training can be affordable while making impactful differences for your employees. Invest in your employee's development today.


Speak Fluent offers free 30-45 minute workshops for corporate events. Workshops are conveniently offered online, so you can easily host the event, no matter where you are.

Our most popular workshop is about accent modification. Accent modification is a relatable topic that can benefit a diverse and global team. Be assured that this webinar is offered while being culturally sensitive to diversity.

There is a reason this service is called accent modification rather than accent reduction. Your accent holds your identity, and for those with a foreign accent, it’s a sign that you are multilingual. An accent is not something to be ashamed of. However, if you use speech sounds and stress patterns that differ from how native speakers use speech, it can be difficult for others to understand.

In this webinar, participants will explore:

  • What is an accent?
  • Common speech differences
  • How accent modification works
  • Next steps and resources

Interested in learning more about our workshops or other services? Contact us using the form below.