Student Speech Coverage

1-on-1 training to improve your speech clarity and confidence.

Do you often find yourself having to repeat what you are saying to your peers and professors? Feeling that your speech clarity is holding you back from being able to make a good impression in your meetings and everyday work?

For students like you, being able to speak clearly and effectively is very critical in ensuring that you can succeed in your interviews and presentations, and not get passed off from any job and other professional opportunities.

Table of Contents

  1. Our Services
  2. Undergraduate Student Speech Coverage
  3. Graduate Student Speech Coverage
  4. How Can Speech Training Help Me?

Our Services

We provide different kinds of training sessions that are tailored to your own needs and schedule; in these sessions, our licensed speech-language pathologists can help identify the speech mistakes you’re often unaware of, and improve your communication skills by making changes to your intonation, voice, pacing, and word stress patterns.

These small changes can make a big impact by allowing you to build better relationships with others, network effectively, and reduce the frequency of misunderstandings in public speaking situations - all of which can help you in your academia, career, and social life for the long term!

Book a free 15-minute consultation today, and let us know how we can help you excel as a clear and confident speaker both at school and at work.


Undergraduate Student Speech Coverage (as of December 2020)

Graduate Student Speech Coverage (as of December 2020)

SchoolAmountCombined Maximum
McGill University (2020)$40 per visit$300
McMaster University (2020)$25 per visit$300
Queens' University (2020)100%$500
University of Ottawa (2020)$30 per visit$700
University of Toronto (2020)100%$1000
University of Waterloo (2020)80%$400
Western University (2020)80%$500
York University (2020)80% (Balanced Plan)

100% (Extended plan)
$400 (Balanced Plan)

$500 (Extended plan)

* This school requires a referral by a medical doctor in order to be covered for visits to speech therapists.

**Are you an international student? You may be covered by insurance under StudentCare. Check out the details of your university or college's health plan coverage at

How Can Speech Training Help Me?

Student Speech Coverage - Two people conversation

Enhance your communication skills for various social situations - whether you’re making new friends or ordering food at a restaurant, so you will be ready to navigate through daily conversations without being asked to repeat yourself constantly.

Student Speech Coverage - Professional Interview

Learn to communicate more clearly in interviews, so you can present the best of your professional self, and stand out for your qualities instead of being judged based on how you speak.

Student Speech Coverage - Woman working on laptop

Reduce misunderstandings when talking to your peers, clients, and bosses.

More importantly, the ability to communicate effectively can allow you to be remembered as the “first choice” - maximizing your chances in gaining valuable experiences and relationship-building at school and at work!

Student Speech Coverage - Business Presentation

Ensure that in public meetings and presentations, your audience can focus on WHAT you are talking about, instead of HOW you speak.

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