Funding Options

Explore ways to pay for speech sessions

Private Insurance

Speech therapy is covered through most extended health insurance plans (e.g. Green Shield Canada, Manulife) offered through your workplace or your spouse's workplace. Contact your insurance provider to get information about coverage for speech therapy specific to your plan.

Are you student? Refer to our Professional Speaking for Students page for more information on how your student insurance plan can help cover speech therapy costs.

Private Funding / Charities

Ceridian Cares

Ceridian Cares supports individuals or families in need of financial assistance in the form of grants for “Quality of Life” and “Basic Essentials.” For more information please visit the Ceridian Cares website or to apply, please complete the application form.

Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

Children 21 years of age or under who have a permanent disability or serious illness can receive funding through Jennifer Ashleigh to help alleviate some of the cost of therapy. For more information please visit the Jennifer Ashleigh website or to apply, please complete the application form.

Labatt - Better Together

“Labatt Better Together makes a positive impact on Canadian communities by providing basic essentials and other support services to improve the quality of life of individuals and families in need.”

Labatt’s HEALTH grant provides medical devices, therapies, support services and assistive devices, including: prosthetics, eyewear, medical equipment, special therapies, respite services, Braille materials, and physiotherapy. There are also grants for necessities, elderly support and youth development. For more information please visit the Labatt – Better Together website or to apply, please complete the application form.

Government Funding

Alternative Support Options

Private Pay

Speech therapy is worth it. Similar to how you would pay for tutoring, gym memberships, physiotherapy, or piano classes, you may choose to pay out of pocket for a speech assessment or speech therapy, a service that will help you understand and improve an essential skill, communication.