Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Speech training for students and working professionals to improve their communication skills

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

If you lack confidence in presentations because you feel like people aren't paying attention or they struggle to understand you, a speech-language pathologist can coach you through the foundations of clear and engaging speech. Great public speakers like speakers on TED Talks use a combination of their voice, their intonation, and their words, to send an impactful message. Our instructors are registered Speech-Language Pathologists, who have all completed a Masters program aimed at creating long-lasting change in speech and voice patterns. They can help you improve your professional speaking skills and be more confident.

Some speaking habits you may want to get rid of may be:

  • Using too many filler words like “um”, “uh”, or “like”
  • Uptalking (i.e., every sentence has a rising intonation like a question)
  • Mumbling
  • Hoarse or breathy voice
  • Sounding boring and monotone
  • Speaking too quietly
  • Going off topic
  • Talking too fast or too slow

It can be difficult to recognize what exactly makes the biggest impact on your presentation skills, and even more difficult to change it. Invest in your communication skills and further your personal development by booking a free consultation today.

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