Professional Speaking for Tech Professionals

Connect and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues

As a tech professional, communicating specific technical instructions to people may be an essential part of your job. Having to repeat yourself can be frustrating and time consuming. Your clients could be misunderstanding essential steps in the problem-solving process. Perhaps you may want to move to a management role, or to a sales role. Both would benefit from improved communication skills.

Did you know, many people with foreign accents do not even realize they have an accent? While an accent is a part of your cultural and multilingual identity, major sound differences can make it difficult for listeners to understand what you are saying. If people are constantly asking you to repeat yourself or you feel like people sometimes talk for you, you may benefit from accent modification services. If you think your accent or speech clarity is holding you back, or would just like to know more about how you can improve your communication, speech therapy can help. You will learn how to modify your speech to convey your message efficiently, and also learn to pronounce words commonly used in your profession (e.g., administrator) and common abbreviations (e.g., HTML).

It is a common misconception that speech therapy is only meant for children or for specific problems. However, our Speech-Language Pathologists are here to help out professionals in many aspects of their voice. This can include common issues like mumbling, enunciation, and accent modification. If you want to learn how you can improve your communication, book a free consultation today.

Here are some scenarios where speech therapy can help you in a tech professional setting:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Public Speaking

Interprofessional Practice

As a professional you likely will have numerous meetings, whether in-person or online. Time is limited in scheduled meetings, so it is important to communicate effectively. It can be frustrating if you need to repeat yourself. In online meetings, oftentimes sound quality is lacking compared to meeting in person, and people aren't able to gauge facial expressions and body language if your webcam is off. In these cases, clear communication is even more important.

Speech training can help you communicate important information at meetings while keeping misunderstanding and confusion at a minimum.


At presentations your audience will need information communicated to them in a way that keeps them interested and engaged. Or, perhaps you are presenting your work to your bosses and colleagues. Keep the focus on your topic, rather than how you are speaking.

Perhaps your accent or enunciation makes it difficult to convey the importance of your message. If you find presentations to be awkward because people seem to have difficulty understanding you or staying engaged, speech training can help.

Public Speaking

Many professionals likely will talk to clients in both formal and informal settings. Perhaps you want to improve your networking, you are working with clients, or you are pitching a sale to someone. In all of these cases it is important to make sure they do not lose interest or are otherwise distracted by how your are speaking, and instead focus on what you are saying.

Speech training can help you make a good impression - make your topic memorable, rather than being remembered for confusion over how you spoke.